Sogni-Legal isn’t just a law office with Lawyers who learned how to practice law at school and from the books. Our team members are industry professionals who experienced how hard life can be when your rights are violated by those who don’t have good intentions. But our team has also life experience with discrimination, hate crimes, unfair judges, criminal lawyers and bailiffs, and CPS youth care workers who are untruthful. So we know the pain, we know how it can affect your life and health and know how it feels if no one wants to fight for you. Those experiences made us the hardest legal bitches you can find. We protect your rights, not as pussies. We are predators now, created by people who dominated disrespectfully. Now it is our promise that we go all the way, from disciplinary courts to the international courts of Human rights. And there are always more roads leading to Rome. If the counterparty thinks they have won, We say; another battle lost, but the war hasn't even started yet! We keep the fight as small as possible, but makes it as big as necessary! We even do not fear, to go public!
That's why we never stop until justice prevails!