Many talented singers who are discovered will be offered a record contract by a record label. Being discovered is a great experience, and that's the reason most singers sign contracts that exploit their talent and don’t get the share of the success they deserve. Young singers, writers, composers, and bands are passionate about creating music, but have no legal knowledge or experience running a business. For record companies, it is pure business, and they offer you only a contract if they can make a lot of money out of it, mostly without taking any risks. You do the work, you have the talent, you are the inspiration for many, and they will make the money.
Since it is just a business deal, there is always room to discuss the clauses and the profit for all parties. Since Sogni-Legal only asks a small percentage of your profit, you do not have to pay us until you are making money! The more you get the more we get, so it is our goal that you get the best deal! That is our investment in you! Never sign a contract without your personal lawyer who understands you and will protect your rights!