Human Rights

Your privacy is sacred, but many companies and organizations think the privacy act doesn’t apply to them. We fight for your Privacy rights and help trustworthy companies and organizations to protect your Privacy too.

One of our main specializations is Privacy Laws in Europe, USA and California. We protect your privacy according to the GDPR (AVG), CCPA, OPPA, and COPPA for clients in the EU and the USA territories. You can ask our help if there is somewhere a data breach, or you need assistance to ask companies, organizations and governments which data they store about you and you can also ask us to force companies, organizations and governments to delete your data they unauthorized store, in their file. But mostly we fight against governments and organizations who play hide and seek as soon you address them to provide your data and the information's about who have /has access to your data or ask them to correct or delete your data. Remember your Privacy is sacred! On the other side, we help and advise companies, organizations, and governments on how to secure and protect the privacy of their clients or inhabitants according to the latest Privacy acts.